Ricotta cheese is a type of low-fat cottage cheese.
RICH IN high biological value and easily digestible protein. In other words, they are easily absorbed and provide all the essential amino acids for the body to build and maintain structures such as organs and tissues.
NOTEWORTHY FOR its vitamins A, B2, B12 and folate content, and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.
Because of its versatility, it works as an ingredient in many sweet and savory recipes: desserts, purées, pâtés, quiches, sauces, pastas, and salads.
Tuna and ricotta pâté | Ricotta and lemon sauce | Ricotta and mushrooms quiche | Baked courgette and ricotta rolls | Ricotta, honey and walnuts bruschetta | Raviollis with ricotta and spinach | Tomatoes stuffed with ricotta cream | Eggs stuffed with ricotta and pesto | Ricotta cheesecake with pumpkin jam | Ricotta mousse with basil | Lemon and ricotta cake | Ricotta pancakes.

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Ricotta cheese with strawberries, banana and honey
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