PONTO. Guide for Christmas Shopping
We all know that sometimes it is difficult to have everything organized on time, starting with meals… Fortunately, we have the tips to help you have a more sustainable Christmas!

Before Christmas shopping

Plan Christmas meals in advance, considering the number of people and the ingredients available at home;
Make your shopping list according to what you will need and avoid buying surplus;
Don’t go shopping hungry or thirsty at the supermarket. Take your time and compare prices, quantities and brands.

During shopping

In order to avoid crowds, we advise you, if possible, to do your shopping in the morning or during lunch time;
Choose organic, local and seasonal foods;
Check the product’s expiration dates: Knowing the difference, makes the difference!
“use by” – date after wich the food should not be consumed (e.g.: fresh meat and fish, dairy, etc.)
“best before” – Date until wich the food retains its specific properties. It can be consumed after that date if the preservation rules are respected (e.g.: rice, canned food,flour olive oil, pasta, etc.)

After shopping

Store food according to expiration dates (put the oldest ones ahead to be consumed first);
Arrange the refrigerator so that the most perishable foods are stored on the upper shelves and the less perishable foods on the lower shelves;
Freeze foods such as bread, meats, fish, fruits and vegetables that are not going to be eaten immediately.


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